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Lodge Rugs

Lodge Rugs are very thick and shaggy, made from re-cycled selvedge materials. Selvedge materials are the woven edge of material containing both shaggy ends and woven material thus they are re-cycled, twice woven. Wool rugs are made from Pendleton Mill selvedges or Dorr Woolen Mill selvedges. Cotton or rayon blend selvedges come from upholstery materials.

LWR Lodge rugs woven with wool selvedges from Pendleton are thick, warm and durable. They may be washed in cool water with a tablespoon of Dawn detergent on a short delicate cycle. Dry them over a deck railing lengthwise or on a wooden picnic table with slats for air circulation.

LWRI A wool lodge rug with an additional in-laid design.

LWRF A lodge rug with an additional wool image felted into the surface. This rug cannot be vacuumed but can definitely be washed without problems to the felted design.

LSR A Lodge rug woven from cotton or rayon upholstery selvedges.

LSRI A Lodge rug woven from cotton or rayon upholstery selvedges with an additional in-laid design.

True deep red with streaks of blues, greens, charcoal and off white running through, hemmed edge.
29" x 47"

LWRI 206 LWRI 206
Hunter green with burgundy, brown and dove gray banding, diamond motif in dove gray inlaid - hemmed edge.
29" x 59"
LWRI 209 LWRI 209
Sky blue with dove gray and charcoal banding additional inlay of charcoal and dove gray throughout - hemmed edge.
29" x 68.5"

LSR 206 LSR 206
Maroon with gold banding - hemmed edge.
31" x 43"
LSR 232 LSR 232
Browns with blue and gold banding - hemmed edge.
47" x 31"

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